8 Best Alloy Wheel Cleaner


CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner

CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner
  • Amazing consistency offers effective cleaning
  • PH neutral and non-acidic formula
  • Good for whitewall tire cleaner
  • Suitable for different wheel materials and finishes

Sonax Wheel Cleaner

Sonax Wheel Cleaner
  • Ideal for detailed cleaning of the car
  • Good for aluminium, PVD, painted, plastic wheel covers, and magnesium
  • Holds color changing properties
  • Quite a budget-friendly choice

Adam's Wheel Cleaner

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner
  • Can eliminate traces of stubborn dirt and road grime
  • It changes its color and bleeds purple dissolving dirt
  • Takes significantly less time to clean the wheels
  • Super safe for different wheel materials

How would it feel to attend an event wearing a top-notch tuxedo along with a pair of worn-out or grimy boots? Sounds weird right and you might wonder why would someone do that? But a similar thing happens when you clean your car thoroughly but restrain yourself from putting effort into cleaning the wheels. 

The perception of most people regarding the cleaning of alloy wheels is that it’s useless as you will again be going on the roads. And filling them with brake dust, grime, and other muck. Yet if you are a car enthusiast and want those perfectly cleaned black tyres and shiny wheels. This article can be good to go as alloy wheels are becoming a fashion statement in the world of cars. And you can never deny the importance of alloy wheel cleaning to rev our engines. 

So the question arises about how to clean alloy wheels and what are the best alloy wheel cleaners. Though getting professional help every time to get your wheels cleaned might not be possible. So you should be investing in some of the best PH car wheel cleaning solutions. That requires minimum elbow grease yet offers the shiniest wheels. 

Best alloy wheel cleaner

8 Best Car Wheel Cleaners

When it comes to aluminium wheels cleaners there are numerous solutions available on the market for you to avail. You can also wash the wheel with regular car cleaners or the best car wash soaps. But these specified cleaners will take your rim cleaning experience to another level.   

So after testing a few wheel cleaners ourselves we have mentioned a list of the best alloy wheel cleaners on the market for your ease. So that you can get amazing results even with little effort and also without spending a fortune. 

CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner – Rim and Tire Cleaner

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Liquid, Spray, gel
  • Surface recommendation: Metal
  • Special Feature: PH neutral and non-acidic formula

This rim and tire cleaner by the Car Guys tops our list of the best rim wheel cleaners because of its amazing cleaning power. What makes this versatile cleaner an exception for alloy wheels is that it works well for all types of wheels. This means you do not have to face the hassle of choosing a separate cleaner for separate cars or different wheel types.

Whether you want a cleaner for alloy, chrome, or aluminium this one has to offer amazing deals in either scenario with its PH natural formula. It’s non-toxic with such an amazing scrubbing power that will clean the toughest dirt and grime off your tire. The reliable aspect of this wheel cleaner spray is that it is a great whitewall cleaner. That also works great for the old tire dressing, rotors, and callipers.

This concentrated Car Guys Wheel Cleaner offers amazing spray right out of the bottle. While it clings to the surface to loosen the brake dust and grime and offers minimal runoff. When you are washing your car tires often you can also dilute them with water to enhance longevity.

We found this alloy cleaner budget-friendly and effective as it makes the cleaning so much faster and more fun. So to save your time as well as money get yourself this best tyre cleaner at competitive rates from amazon. The best thing about this solution is that it comes with the seller’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • It’s non-toxic and PH neutral
  • It’s ideal for different materials like alloy, chrome, and aluminium
  • It can also act as an amazing whitewall tire cleaner
  • Offers a super thick consistency that sticks to the surface of the wheel
  • It can make unprotected wheel parts dark and cloudy


Sonax (230200-755) Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Spray, Liquid
  • Surface recommendation: Painted surfaces
  • Special Feature: it is non-abrasive

Sonex store is well known around the globe for its amazing range of car cleaning products that covers almost every aspect of your car cleaning. And this amazing Sonax (230200-755) Wheel Cleaner Full Effect adds to this range. If you are looking forward to giving your wheels a detailed cleaning session. This acid-free and free of toxins formula will serve a great deal as it works well for even factory installed wheels.

What makes this Sonax the best alloy wheel cleaner for brake dust to ace the cleaning game is that it’s super safe of all kinds of wheel finishes. As you can use this solution on aluminium, chrome, paint, PVD, plastic wheel covers, and magnesium. While the PH-neutral solution won’t harm the well-being of your car wheels or the surroundings.

The exciting aspect about this cleaner is its color changing the pretty unique formula. As it changes its color when applied to metal because of all the dirt. It becomes red or purple with dissolved brake dust and it’s your time to wipe that off or you can also choose to scrub a little. But make sure to let it dwell for a brief few minutes and then wash off with water through a high-pressure washer is recommended.

Without getting professional help this rim cleaner will give you sparkly and effortlessly shining wheels. While you can directly spray it on the dry wheels and do not have to dilute in water. While experts suggest anodizing brake systems and wheels prior to use to avoid any inconvenience. You can also purchase this budget-friendly cleaner at competitive rates from the above-mentioned link.

  • It’s ideal for all kinds of finishes and wheels
  • Amazing colour changing formula makes it easy to clean the wheel
  • The PH neutral formula makes cleaning convenient
  • It is great for DIY(Do-it-Yourself) and also for professional use
  • It is not scrub-free


Adam’s Wheel Cleaner 16oz – Tough Wheel Cleaning Spray for Car Wash Detailing

Our Top Pick
9.6/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Simple spray & agitate formula
  • Surface recommendation:All types of surface and finishes
  • Special Feature: Its PH neutral and colour changing formula

If you are looking for some magical solution to make the dirty and discolored wheel of your car look like it is just rolled off the showroom floor. Well, this Adam’s Wheel Cleaner 16oz – Tough Wheel Cleaning Spray for Car Wash Detailing can do wonders for you if used properly. The chemical formula of this best wheel cleaner was formulated to eliminate the stubborn brake dust and to give your wheels a spotless finish.

We all are aware that wheels are always exposed to dirt, brake dust, and road grime along with the heat and constant brake containment make them lose their shine very soon. While this Adam’s Wheel Cleaner spray and agitate formula will not only dissolve off all the grime and dirt off your car wheel. But it will also complement your collection of car cleaning products and equipment.

How to clean alloy wheels with this PH neutral and non-toxic ring wheel cleaner does not involve any rocket science. As all you need to do is to spray it on the wheels and watch it dissolve the metallic contamination. This wheel cleaning solution also changes its color and bleeds purple, absorbing all the dirt and grime. From other cleaning solutions on our list, this one takes significantly less time to make your wheels glossy again.

Also when purchasing the wheel cleaners one primary concern is the finish of the car and wheel. And if the solution won’t take any toll on them. In such a scenario, let me tell you that the finish of your car won’t get affected and you can also use this on all types of wheel materials. If this Adams wheel cleaner excites you, you can purchase the above-mentioned link.

  • It’s super effective and takes significantly less time.
  • Its color changing formula bleeds purple after dissolving grime
  • It’s super safe for all types of car finishes
  • Possesses safe, PH neutral and non-toxic chemical formula
  • You might need a pressure washer for thorough cleaning


Black Magic BM41023 No No Scrub Wheel Cleaner

Our Top Pick
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Powerful chemical spray
  • Surface recommendation: ABS plastic, chrome, aluminium, mag wheels
  • Special Feature: No scrub formula

Another exceptional choice on our list of the best alloy wheel cleaners and the aspect of this cleaner that makes it worthy to be on our list is its powerful solution. That will make cleaning so much fun for you and who does not want to save time and money. This Black Magic BM41023 No No Scrub Wheel Cleaner is also an amazing budget choice. While with its consistency it goes a long way and you will never fail to gain maximum out of it.

This no scrub wheel cleaner will dissolve the brake dust, toughest dirt, and road grime from the wheels. And all you need to do is to spray it on the wheel, let it dwell for a moment and rinse it off. You also do not have to scrub or have to put the elbow grease which makes it a perfect choice to clean wheels at home.

Also if the wheels of your glossy vehicles have loosened their shiny appearance because of no proper maintenance and you want them to look like new. In such a scenario this solution is ideal as it will enhance the appearance of your car wheels without discolouration and hazing. But washing your car first with some best snow foam for car wash and then cleaning the tires can offer much better results.

This gentle non-toxic and PH-neutral solution will not harm any type of wheels or coatings. And you can use it on chrome, alloy, wire, ABS plastic, and mag wheels. Which makes it a pretty convenient choice at such low rates. While you will also not have to worry about the clear coats, polish, and anodized finish of your car. You can get this wheel cleaner spray from Amazon at discounted rates.

  • It offers a no-scrub solution
  • Super easy and convenient to use
  • Its chemical formula is PH neutral and safe
  • Go well with all kinds of coatings and finishes
  • You might have to scrub a little for stubborn dirt


Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Foam, spray
  • Surface recommendation: Good for painted surface
  • Special Feature: Foaming and non-acidic solution

Seeking some top-notch and non-acidic spray solution to clean the wheels of your car both black-walled or white-walled. This amazing Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner holds amazing cleaning agents and thick foam consistency. That will dissolve and remove all the tough grime and brake dust off your tires and wheels.

Though there can be a few limitations when using this tire cleaner. As it is suitable for the factory/OEM coated wheels and hubcaps only. And it is suggested to avoid using them on polished, roughcast, aluminium, and anodized wheels. Because of its slightly acidic and super effective formula that can cause harm to these finishings.

With its unique spray-on design it’s super convenient to spray it all over the wheels of your car. And its concentrated formula and the hose off design will safely penetrate to every corner and it will dissolve the dust, grime, and grease off your wheels. To give your shiny new looking wheel within a matter of a few minutes. While you spray the best snow foam for car wash you can also spray it onto the weheel to let it dwell.

You can use this product on printed, color coated, steel, modular, chrome, factory coated wheels and hubcaps. But avoid their use on the motorcycle wheels and casings to avoid any possible hassle. This acid wheel cleaner can be bought from Amazon from the given link at good rates.

  • Compatible with numerous types of coatings
  • Non-acidic spray formula quickly dissolves grime
  • Holds a unique spray on, hose off design
  • Cannot use them for aluminium, polished, and anodized wheels.


Meguiar’s G180132 Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

Our Top Pick
9.6/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Spray, liquid, gel
  • Surface recommendation: Safe for painted surface
  • Special Feature: Active gel technology breaks grime

When talking about the car cleaning equipment it’s almost impossible not to mention the name of Meguiar’s store. It has been winning the hearts of customers with its quality service and top-notch cleaning gear. And if you choose to get this Meguiar’s G180132 Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner this would be an amazing investment.

Because of its gel-based formula and amazing cleaning agents. This Meguiar alloy wheel cleaner is worthy of being on our list of top wheel cleaners on the market. While the reliable aspect of the cleaner is its active gel formula that dissolves the toughest grime and brake dust in significantly less time.

While the interesting fact of this bleeding wheel cleaner is its color changing the formula. That will turn purple when you let it dwell for a few minutes on the surface of the wheels and it will come off with all the dust and dirt. So you can say that this amazing cleaning solution is rough on the dirt but easy on wheels as it does not harm them.

What we like about this demon wheel cleaner is its PH neutral and acid-free formula that won’t harm the well being and finishing of your wheels. And you also do not have to disassemble brake components as it’s safe on the printed brake components. This item might not be the cheapest cleaner on the list but it is still worth your money.

  • Powerful formula that’s tough on grime and easy on the wheel
  • Its PH neutral and acid-free formula does not make any harm
  • Offers gentle and safe cleaning without damaging the finish
  • Holds an amazing color changing the formula
  • This can be a bit more pricey than other items


TriNova Wheel Cleaner Rim Cleaning Spray

Our Top Pick
9.3/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Liquid, Spray, Powder, Gel
  • Surface recommendation: Painted surfaces, walls, carpets
  • Special Feature: Tough on stains and restores shine

Another amazing addition to our list and we guarantee you that you will not regret purchasing this premium alloy wheel polish. The powerful chemical formula of this ring wheel cleaner will bring back the hazed shine of your car’s wheels by melting away the dirt and grime. This product will also assimilate the brake dust and oil residue to give your car a fancy look.

Often exposure of wheels to heat and brake dust make the dirt pile up inside the tyre making it appear super ugly. Especially when you drive in the winter season the salt on the road can lead to corrosion, pitting, and it can also destroy the well being of your alloy wheels. And this TriNova Wheel Cleaner Rim Cleaning Spray can be your saviour in such conditions. As it will protect your wheels from the negative effects of the snow and salt to restore their shine.

This rim cleaner will tackle even the toughest stains so that it can never affect your wheels in the long run. While the high concentrated yet PH-neutral formula of this spray will assimilate into those grime and stains to help you wash them off easily.

You might also be aware of the fact that not all wheels are the same, hence you cannot always use the same products for different materials. But this TriNova’s best wheel cleaner for brake dust is gentle on all kinds of surfaces and finishes. Its non-acidic formula will not result in any long-term damage. The gel cleaning technology will not only clean the wheels but will also add a layer of protection against brake dust and grime.

After you are all done cleaning your car as well as the tires you should pay a little extra attention to the glass and windshield of your car too. And using the best car glass cleaner can do a great job in such a scenario.

  • Ideal for all types of car wheels and finishes
  • Comes with active gel technology that offers a protective layer
  • Removes toughest stains and restore shine
  • Melt away all the dirt and grime in a matter of minutes
  • Can be a bit pricey for budget buyers


Turtle Wax T-18 All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Our Top Pick
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Items form: Spray, Liquid
  • Surface recommendation: Carpets, aluminium, Chrome
  • Special Feature: Good for auto and truck maintenance

Another reliable addition to our list is going to make your wheel cleaning experience a lot easier. While this amazing Turtle Wax T-18 All Wheel and Tire Cleaner will take your efforts to another level. This cleaner is super compatible with numerous types of wheels, materials and tyres. And you can always use it on your car without worrying about decolouring and hazing off the shine of your car.

Turtle Wax store always takes pride in offering its customers top-notch car cleaning gear. While this wheel and tire cleaner are some of those amazing products offered by the store including the best glass cleaners and best car wash soaps.

If the prices of above mentioned best cleaners for alloy wheels are out of your budget. Or you are seeking a decent wheel cleaner without worrying about putting a strain on your budget. This can be a good option for you because of its reliable rates. While you can also get it delivered to your doorstep by ordering from Amazon by the given link.

The super cleaning power of this chemical solution will leave you stunned. When you will get wheels cleaned just by spraying a little solution and putting some arm grease. This will dissolve off all the brake dust and road grime to get you the shiniest car wheels. This cleaner is ideal to use for auto and truck maintenance.

  • Outshine your wheels by removing dirt
  • Ideal for auto and truck maintenance
  • It’s an amazing budget-friendly pic
  • Still needs rubbing to mock of dirt and grime

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After giving brief insight on the few best alloy wheel cleaners we are also giving answers to your queries. As people have a lot of concerns regarding the wheels cleaner as alloy wheels are becoming a fashion statement. So people are also trying their best to maintain that classy and shiny look of their cars and wheels. Give the below-mentioned points a read for a better understanding of the cleaning of alloy wheels. 

Q.1. What is the best thing to clean alloy wheels with?

There can be multiple ways to clean the alloy wheels and there are numerous best alloy wheel cleaners available on the market. Each one of them holds its distinctive characteristics and effectiveness and you can choose one keeping the material of your car and your needs in mind. After applying the wheel cleaner, spray brush it or scrub with a sponge to remove all the traces of dirt. While washing it off with some foam cannons or snow foam lances. Will help to blast off all that stubborn dirt and grime and will give your car a shiny appearance. 

Q.2. How do you get brake dust off alloy wheels?

The method to clean the creak dust off your alloy wheels is pretty simple and involves a few steps. Give them a read to avoid any hassle while cleaning and to ensure shiny alloy wheels. 

  • Let your wheels get cool and also do not carry the cleaning process in direct sunlight 
  • Use a pressure washer to rinse off all the dust, dirt, and other road containments
  • Get some effective and the best car wheel cleaner 
  • Spray the wheel with a ring wheel cleaner
  • Scrub a little with microfiber cloth or brush if necessary 
  • Rinse off with water and get the shiny bright alloy wheels 

Q.3. Can you use wd40 on alloy wheels?

Yes, you can apply the WD40 to the surface of your alloy wheels. This particular solution is used to remove greases, oil or dirt and also prevent any traces of rust to damage the quality of your wheels. All you need to do is to wash off your alloy wheels with some amazing rim cleaner and let it dry. Apply WD40 on a piece of cloth and rub it all over the surface, in the affected area, and on the surface more exposed to dirt. 

Q.4. Can you use washing up liquid to clean alloy wheels?

No, it is suggested to never use such householding products like dishwashing liquids, washing liquids and others. To clean your car or alloy wheels as they can damage the finish and surface of your car. Also before you get some cleaner make sure it is PH neutral and holds a non-acidic formula to avoid any possible damage to your car. 

Q.5.Can you use an oven cleaner on alloy wheels?

Well yes, as oven cleaners are designed to break through oil, dirt, rust, and mineral stains. And you can also use it to clean your alloy wheels just like you would use the normal alloy wheel cleaner. Spray it all over the surface of your wheels and let it dwell for a time. So that it can dissolve all that stubborn brake dust, dirt, and road grime. And brings the flashy shine of your alloy wheels back. Read More.


Seeking a reliable or effective best alloy wheel cleaner to wipe off all the road contaminants, dirt, and grime off the surface of your wheels. So that you can get a fancy and clean car every time that looks like you just got it from the showroom. The choices for the aluminium wheel cleaner are endless on the market. But this article will help you choose the perfect one keeping the prerequisites and requirements of your car wheel in mind. Make sure to read the brief insight into each product and purchase the one that fits your budget and keep your alloy wheels in top-notch condition. You can also purchase all the above-mentioned products from the given link of Amazon and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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