Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun

Washing your car with thick fascinating snow foam seems fun, and no doubt it’s one of the most efficient ways to clean your car, but it works as long as you have the correct gears for snow foaming. 

Foam cannons and foam guns create thick snow foam suds for car washing and typically serve the same purpose. But there’s a long debate among car detailing enthusiasts regarding the efficiency of both and which works the best. 

Foam cannon is an innovative tool that connects with the pressure washer, and with a high-pressure washer, it agitates the foam agents of the best snow foam for car wash and creates thick snow foam that sticks to the dirt on your car surface and helps clean it without much arm grease. 

Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun

In contrast, the foam gun is often connected to the garden hose and works the same way as the foam cannon, but as the garden hose does not offer high water pressure, the foam gun creates thin dropy suds that do not cling to the surface well. But it will still efficiently do the job of softening baked dirt on the car’s exterior. 

Let’s dive deep into how both foam cannons and foam gun work, their comparison, and which is the best choice for car washing. 

Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun – A Detailed Guide

A foam cannon or foam gun might look similar. Still, they are very different, and we have mentioned a detailed guide foam cannon vs foam gun which help you get a better insight into their features to help you make an educated decision. 

Features Foam Cannon Foam, Gun
Cost Foam cannon can be expensive as you will have to purchase a pressure washer with it.A foam gun is cheaper than foam cannon as it connects to a garden hose. 
EfficiencyFoam cannon is super efficient as it creates thick suds that effectively clean dirt.It is efficient, too but does not create thick clingy foam.
Precision The foam cannon does not reach all the crevices of the car.It efficiently reaches all the narrow spaces and crevices of vehicles. 
Pressure Needed It requires high pressure from the pressure washer to create foam.It can create foam even without a high-pressure washer.
Amount of soap used. It uses a high amount of soap.It uses less soap.
Prevention from swirl marks.It does not cause swirl marks and scratches.It can cause a few swirl marks and micro scratches.
Coverage It offers a high range.It only provides a little coverage. 


Let’s talk about cleaning efficiency, as it will be the first thing you would consider when purchasing any equipment for car washing. Foam cannons are super effective in this regard as they connect with a pressure washer and create thick foam with pressurized water. The suds dilute most of the dirt and grime from the surface, and pressurized water aids in easy cleaning. 

On the other hand, because of low water pressure from the ground hose, the car wash foam gun does not efficiently remove all the dirt from the surface and requires you to put a little bit of arm grease for proper cleaning. 

But whether using a foam cannon or foam gun, doing a hand wash session after snow-foaming your car will bring outstanding results and shine like a brand-new car. 


When cleaning your vehicle, the most important thing is the precision and efficiency of the snow foaming tool. When cleaning with foam cannon, narrow crevices and hard-to-reach areas are often hard to reach, so you will have to work harder to clean those areas. 

In contrast foam gun efficiently goes all those crevices because of its long and sleek nozzle that helps you clean all those narrow areas efficiently. Hence in terms of precision, foam guns offer a better deal. 

Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun

Pressure Needed 

Let’s talk about the pressure the foam cannon or foam sprayer for car wash requires. Most foam cannon comes with a built-in extension for a pressure washer. The power washer foam cannon creates super thick suds as the pressurized water activates the foaming agent of soaps when coming out of the nozzle. 

While foam gun does not require high pressurized water to generate suds as it works well with the garden hose. Though the snow foam coming out of its nozzle might not be as thick as foam cannon, after spraying and scrubbing your car a little with the best car wash, the mitt will help you achieve your desired results. 

Amount Of Soap Used 

The amount of soap used in the cleaning also matters greatly, as you want to save money on getting snow foam soap now and then. Foam cannons use a good amount of soap to create thick suds.

In contrast, foam gun uses less snow foam for a car wash, but their soap suds are not as thick and clingy as foam cannons. So it depends on whether you want thick snow foam to stick to your car for efficient cleaning without putting much arm grease or the other way around. 

Prevention From Swirl Marks When Cleaning

The purpose of snow foaming your car is to prevent inducing any swirl marks and scratches to your vehicle. So let’s determine whether a snow foam cannon or a foam gun will clean your car without swirl marks or scratches. 

The snow foam solution works best with foam cannon and creates an aggressive foam that clings to the surface longer to dilute maximum dirt and grime. While the suds also offer full surface lubrication that eliminates chances of scratches and swirl marks. 

While foam guns might not offer the same intense lubrication to prevent inducing any swirl marks during cleaning if you want to enjoy riding a sleek shiny car free of any swirl marks and scratches, using a foam cannon is the best option. 

Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun


When cleaning your car with the snow foam, its coverage also matters; the better the range, the more efficiently it will clean your vehicle. The aggressive suds foam cannon creates with a pressure washer sticks to the dirt on your car surface and offers better coverage. 

While with the snow foam gun connected to the garden hose, the snow foam is runny and won’t stick to the surface longer. This means it will not offer you maximum coverage compared to snow foam cannon. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we have answered a few questions related to foam cannons and foam guns and which will best suit your needs and particular requirements. To know more about both car cleaning gears, read further. 

Q.1. Is a foam cannon worth the money?

Yes, foam cannons are worth your money as they are one of the most efficient car cleaning gears. They create aggressive snow foam with pressurized water from a pressure washer to ensure that it clings to the car surface longer to dilute maximum dirt. If you like washing your car, spend a little on getting an excellent, high-quality snow foam cannon. Read More.

Q.2. Is a pressure washer necessary with foam cannon?

Yes, foam cannons often come with an attachment that connects with the pressure washer, and it also requires pressurized water to agitate the foaming contents of snow foam to create aggressive foam. But now, a few foam cannons are available in the market with different attachments to connect with the garden hose. But in terms of the thickness of snow foam, it might not show as great results as foam cannon with a pressure washer. 

Q.3. Do you have to scrub after using a snow foam cannon or gun?

The snow foam cannon or gun will generate thick clingy foam to stick to your surface, melting away the dirt and baked grime. But for maximum cleaning, you should scrub a little with the best car wash mitt to ensure that all the dirt is removed adequately after cleaning. 

Q.4. What kind of soap do you use with your foam cannon or gun?

You can use the best snow foam for car wash solutions with your foam cannon or gun. But if you do not have the snow foam solution, you can simply use the car wash detergent or regular car shampoo with the foam cannon. Even though you might not get highly thick suds with car wash shampoo, it will still work efficiently to clean your car. 

Q.5. Can you use hot water in foam cannon?

Yes, it is suggested by professional detailers to use hot water in the container of the foam cannon. Hot water nicely agitates the foaming solution and helps create highly thick and clingy foam that will offer fantastic cleaning of your car. 

Final Words:

This article discussed foam cannon vs foam gun their comparison to help you decide better which tool works best for your car. Though using these car cleaning gears ourselves, both are efficient. And both have some flaws as well as some outstanding features; hence based on your preferences, needs, and budget, you can choose the one you desire after being aware of their parts. 

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