How To Remove Bugs From Car 

How To Remove Bugs From Car

If you have ever taken a road trip during summer you will understand why I say that bugs are a year-round nuisance. Seeking your car getting littered with plunking, tar, bug, and splatters is disheartening. Especially when your windshield wiper widespread the splatter instead of cleaning it.  So annoying!  I know how it feels as … Read more

How To Clean Car Interior

How to clean car interior

When was the last time you cleaned your car interior? Probably not in the near past. We all hit the car wash as soon as our car exterior gets dirty but often don’t pay attention to the grime, gunk, and crumbs on the inside of the car.  For most of us, dusting the interior and … Read more

How To Debadge A Car?

How To Debadge A Car

Man’s love for automotive customization is never ending and these automobile enthusiasts often choose to debadge their car to make it look clean and to add to their aesthetics.  Though there’s nothing tricky in debadging a car it can be daunting. Because the car emblems or badges are often glued with a strong adhesive and … Read more

How To Wax Car

how to wax a car

You might wonder how to achieve that sparkly showroom shine for your car or what steps you are missing while washing your car so that it does not appear as shiny as it should be. Let us tell you the secret behind the slick lines, clean paint, and striking silhouette and it is car wax.  … Read more

How To Wash A Car

How to wash a car

Washing the car does not involve any rocket science, and it’s the most fun and relaxing activity. That gives you satisfaction and lets you enjoy your ride in your clean dazzling car. So here are a few of the best techniques on how to wash a car to keep it in top-notch condition.  Washing your … Read more

How To Clean Car Windows

how to clean car windows

Cleaning your car windows is imperative not only to give your car aesthetic looks but also for the well-being of your car. So whenever you are up for a car washing and detailing session. Never neglect the windows of your car and make sure they appear flawlessly spotless to add to the charm of your … Read more

How To Clean Alloy Wheels (Tips)

How to clean alloy wheels

The most prevalent type of wheels on the road nowadays are alloy wheels. Most automobiles come with clear coated alloy wheels while some of the drivers opt for aftermarket polished alloy wheels. Cleaning alloy wheels is the most important thing to drive the car smoothly. And most people have no clue of how to clean … Read more

How To Use A Foam Cannon (Tips)

How to use a foam cannon ?

When you see videos of people washing off their cars with a thick, white, foam that covers the whole surface of the car and makes the whole scenario appear like a winter wonderland. You might wonder how they do that and what is the secret to generating such thick suds. As regardless of using high-quality … Read more