How To Clean Car Windows

Cleaning your car windows is imperative not only to give your car aesthetic looks but also for the well-being of your car. So whenever you are up for a car washing and detailing session. Never neglect the windows of your car and make sure they appear flawlessly spotless to add to the charm of your car. 

But if you are concerned regarding how to clean your car windows let us guide you in this matter. As cleaning car windows might not be as easy as it might seem because of the irregular shape of the glass. While not having the best car glass cleaner can add up to this hassle by increasing the chances of inconvenience.

Steps To Clean Car Windows 

Hence we come up with these easy tricks to help you clean your car glass and get rid of fingerprints, bug splatters, dust, or smudges. To get the brightly cleaned glass within no time without any significant effort.  

Look For a Suitable Place 

Though cleaning your car windows does not involve any rocket science. But there are a lot of factors that can affect the efficiency of your work. So before you start the cleaning process make sure to look for a suitable place. 

Spacious and uncluttered space with no direct sunlight or wind so that you can work in peace without any hassle. Though it can be the driveway of your house ensure that you have access to a water supply or hose and a few cleaning gears to make the process less hectic with amazing results. 

Gather Cleaning Gears 

Before you start the cleaning process of your car windows it’s better to have the best cleaning gears at your disposal. To avoid any inconvenience letter and to let you enjoy the cleaning process. The gears you will need the most includes a pair of microfiber cloth or a towel. 

The best car wash mitt or towels are much more rewarding than those ordinary rugs. As they are mostly lint-free that will minimize the chances of any streaks or smudges. Hence you will get effective cleaning within a matter of minutes while its soft texture won’t also leave any scratches on the surface. 

Another important cleaning supply that you are required to have is the best car glass cleaners. Though numerous different auto glass cleaners are available on the market it’s better to invest in one after good research and considering your car glass. 

Never purchase any Ammonia-based cleaner as it leaves streaks on the car window it can also end up deteriorating your glass in the long run. Hence go for the one with an effective yet nature-friendly or safe formula to eliminate the chances of any harm to your vehicle. 

Their prices also vary as per their performance and effectiveness so you can purchase one that suits your budget. Also, get a sponge or a bucket of water to clean your glass or window. 

Wipe Of Loose Dirt

Before you start cleaning your car windows it’s better to brush off all the loose dirt, grime, or dirt before applying the cleaning solution. You can use a brush or a dry towel in this regard and never miss this step. Because this way you will eliminate all the chances of getting abrasions or scratches on your car. 

Spray Cleaning Solution And Wipe Off 

Now that your car is all set to clean the windows you can start by spraying the cleaning solution. But ensure to clean your car beforehand as this way you can eliminate any fingerprints or smudges on your car glass. 

It’s better to clean off the front and the rare windows first as they are the hardest to clean because of their angle. Shake off the bottle of the best auto glass cleaner well and spray a good amount on the glass. Now wipe that off with your car wash microfiber mitt or towel to ensure a smooth surface. 

It is better to not spray all of the windows at once and do it in sections. In this way, the solution on the windows won’t get dry to leave streaks. You might also be required to put some arm grease but make sure not to apply a lot of force that can damage the well-being of your vehicle’s window.

You can also use a bucket of water or a sponge to apply and wipe off the solution onto the glass and windows of your car. While it is advised to clean in different directions as it will help you see any missed spots or if you are leaving any marks or smudges while wiping off the dirt. 

Target And Tackle Off Stubborn Dirt And Bugs

Stubborn stains like bird dropping or bug splatters require you to put extra effort into cleaning off your windows. In this regard, you can directly spray the glass cleaning liquid directly onto the spots and then wipe them off. 

But if that does not seem to work for you, try getting the best bug remover for cars available on the market. As they are specifically formulated to tackle baked-on bug splatters and tar from your car windshield. Leave a wet rug with the bug remover onto the splotch and let it dwell and wipe it off with a best car wash mitt

You can also sprinkle baking soda onto the tough stains and let them sit for a few minutes onto the stain and wipe them off. While being mindful of your wiper blades and for rubber seal of the windshield you can use a toothbrush to reach nooks and crannies. 

Clean Side Windows Thoroughly 

how to clean car windows

The areas of your window that slides into the rubber seal when you roll off the window are mostly missed when cleaning the car windows. And those are often the dirtiest parts and need more arm grease. 

Roll it down and spritz a little glass cleaning solution and wipe it off with your microfiber cloth. When cleaning windows it is advised to wipe off from top to bottom to avoid any streaks or lines on your finely cleaned windows. 

Also, run down a cloth around the edges of your window to clean the build-up and to ensure perfectly cleaned streak-free shiny windows.

Also when cleaning side windows do not neglect the side mirrors of your car and do clean them with a cleaning solution and towel.

Clean The Windshield Wipers 

When cleaning your windshield do not neglect the wipers and make sure to break up all that caked grime by spritzing cleaning solution. As the dirt builds up onto your wipers is fatal for your windscreen as well as for the well-being of the wiper blade. 

You can also use the wiper treatment to keep them in top-notch condition. And after the treatment, after you are done removing the dirt buildup.

Buff The Finish With Clean Towel 

Now it’s time to buff the finish and wipe off the unnecessary cleaning solution from the window with a fresh or clean towel. And do not use that filthy towel or cloth that you have used for cleaning as it will smear your perfectly cleaned windows.

Clean Interior Windows

Now that you are done with the exterior of your car windows it’s time to clean them from the inside. You can repeat the above-mentioned steps to clean the interior windows of the car. 

But remember to spray the cleaning solution onto the towel or cloth instead of directly onto the window. As it will eliminate chances of formula dripping onto the cushioned or fabric part of the seats. Hence this will enable you to have streak-free interior windows without much effort. Now just let your windows air dry to get smooth shiny windows. 

Spray Water Repellent Or Sealant 

You can also finish off by spraying sealant or water repellent so whenever your windows come in contact with water. It just rolls off right away without leaving hard water stains to make your window look messy. 

The sealant will ensure that your car has fewer spots or baked grime so that you do not have to clean your car very often. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Here we have briefly answered a few of your queries regarding how to clean car windows. And we hope that they will help you get a grip on the problem and let you enjoy the cleaning process. 

Q.1. What is the best thing to use to clean car windows?

There can be numerous gears and techniques that you can utilize to clean your car windows. But the most effective is to get some effective or the best car glass cleaner along with some soft and nice microfiber cloth. You can spray the liquid and then wipe it off with the microfiber mitt or towel to get clean windows. 

On the other hand, you can use a bucket of water and a sponge to do the same job. It will bring the same results but you might have to put in a lot of arm grease. 

Q.2. Is it safe to use Windex on car windows?

Windex is a household glass cleaner and holds an Ammonia-free solution. This means it is safe to use on the car windows, bumper, rubber, paint, finish, or vinyl. But apply it onto the screen when it’s not too hot and prevent washing your car in direct sunlight. 

Q.3.What household products can you use to clean car windows?

If you cannot seem to get some good auto glass cleaner at your disposal, you can make that with household items. In a spray bottle get one cup of distilled water, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and one cup of isopropyl alcohol. To get thoroughly cleaned windows without much effort. 

Q.4.Can I use dish soap to wash my car?

No, you should prevent using dishwashing soap to wash your car or clean car glass. As dishwashing soap is not formulated for car paint or glass gleaning. And it can strip away your car’s protective coating. Read More.


By now you know all the methodical ways how to clean car windows. As we have tried our best to explain it all to you as simply as possible. To transform the hassle of cleaning your car window into a fun activity that you can enjoy with your family on weekends. Also, we assure you that following the above-mentioned steps will bring you significant results. And you will get shiny streak-free windows within a few minutes without a lot of arm grease to let you enjoy your ride in a car with aesthetic windows.

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