How To Wash Car With Foam Cannon?

Are you still utilizing those time-consuming and inefficient methods of car cleaning that do more harm to your car exterior than good? Washing your car with soap, water, or a sponge makes the exterior prone to minor scratches and takes a lot of arm grease. So it’s time you learn how to wash the car with foam cannon to finish the job effectively in less time. Pre-wash snow foam and foam cannon will efficiently lift the dirt from your car’s exterior, making the cleaning process much more straightforward. 

So to remove the dirt while reducing the scratches or swirl marks dramatically, make sure to adopt the car snow foaming method for fascinating results. 

The article will help you understand the workings of foam cannons and the process of car wash using foam cannons. Read further for more details. 

Gears You Will Need

Here are a few tools or gears you will need while washing your car with foam cannon. Make sure to have them at your disposal before starting the cleaning process, so you do not have to run later to fetch stuff. 

Snow Foam Solution: When we are talking about snow foaming the car, the most significant item is the best snow foam, as if you are not using some top-quality or good brand snow foam solution. All the other tools or efforts will be useless, and you will fail to get that thick clingy foam that sticks to the surface and dilutes the surface dirt. 

Foam Cannon Kit: Get a good foam cannon kit for a pressure washer with multiple nozzle attachments to get various spray patterns and for more fun and easy car cleaning.

Pressure Washer: Get a pressure washer compatible with your foam cannon’s attachment. Two pressure washers are available in the market, electric and gas, and you can choose one per your requirements and budget. But make sure to settle for one that offers high water pressure to generate thick snow foam to aid in easy cleaning.

Water Bucket: Get two water buckets or connections with the garden hose for an accessible water supply. 

Car Wash Mitt: Having the best car wash mitt at your disposal during the cleaning process will offer more convenience. Also, keep a few dry towels with you during the cleaning. 

Steps To Wash Car With Foam Cannon 

Using your car regularly can make it prone to dirt, grime, road tar, and other contaminants that get embedded in your car’s clear coat and pose a severe threat to your car paint. Hence, tackle these threats and prevent them from damaging your car paint. 

You must adopt the right approach and the proper tools to clean the car as it will make car cleaning easier. But the right equipment will help minimize the chances of any minor scratches or swirl marks on your car’s clear coat.  

Here’s the step-by-step guide to washing your car with foam cannon and getting the most out of it. Just park your car in some shady spot with no sunlight and follow the following steps. 

Step 1: Rinse The Car 

Rinse your car with clear running water when washing to soften up the dirt or grime on the surface. Though most people argue that rinsing the vehicle first and snow foaming on wet surfaces will lead to snow foam diluting even further with the water on the surface, it’s somewhat true. 

But pre-rinse does eliminate the dirt or grime to some extent which is a good factor. So rinse your car but remember to dry the vehicle thoroughly with a towel to ensure your car surface is ready for a snow foam session. 

Step 2: Mix The Snow Foam Solution With Water

Next is mixing the snow foam soap with water in the foam cannon reservoir. Make sure to read the foam cannon instructions to get the correct mixing ratio. The snow foam to water ratio is 1:10, so add 3 to 4 ounces of snow foam soap into the reservoir and fill the rest with warm water. 

Give the bottle an excellent shake to activate the foaming ingredient of snow foam, and attach the reservoir back to the snow foam cannon. Then attach the foam cannon with a pressure washer and adjust the knob to get your desired spray pattern and pressure.  

You can try spraying a small amount by adjusting different settings to find the one that works perfectly. Once you find the perfect setting, you can spray your car with snow foam. 

Step 3: Apply Foam To Car 

Now cover your car all around in white clingy snow foam and start from bottom to top, as the base area is often the dirtiest, and it will give snow foam more time to tackle stubborn dirt. 

Do foam all the car tires, too, and let the snow foam sit on the surface for a brief time to let it melt the dirt and make cleaning easier. After 10 minutes, rinse the foam with distilled water, as it will not leave any watermarks on the surface. 

Step 4: Scrub Off Dirt Using Car Wash Mitt

Once the snow foam is all removed from your car, dilute some soap in a bucket of water, soak the car wash mitt in it and start scrubbing your car surface. The snow foam has loosened up all the baked grime and dirt from the surface, so you do not have to scrub too hard. It will also lubricate the surface for easy and scratchless scrubbing. 

Just clean or scrub areas that are still dirty such as the bottom of your car. You can also choose to re-foam if the dirt still needs to be removed from the surface, as the second snow foam session will make it even easier to scrub any traces of dirt without scratches. 

After that, nicely scrub off any nooks or crannies of your car and clean every door handle or wheel spokes well. Do clean your microfiber cloth of any trapped dirt to ensure that you do not cause any scratches. 

Step 5: Rinse & Let It Dry 

Once you are done scrubbing, it’s time to rinse the car with clean water. And you can use the pressure water to do the job and start rinsing from the top of the vehicle. 

Now let the car dry, or you can also use some dry towels to dry the surface to enjoy the ride in your shiny car that looks like it’s just rolling down the showroom carpet. 

How To Wash Car With Foam Cannon?

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you still want to know more about the use of foam cannons or the foam car cleaning process. Make sure to read further, as we have answered some of your queries to give you a better idea of snow foaming and foam cannon. 

Q.1. Can you use foam cannons while washing cars?

Foam cannon is a tool specifically designed for efficient cleaning of the car. It gets attached to the pressure washer to agitate the snow foam solution and create thick snow foam. Hence for effective pre-wash with the best snow foam, make sure to utilize foam cannon. 

Q.2. Do I have to scrub after snow-foaming my car with foam cannon?

The clingy snow foam suds foam cannon produces efficiently dilutes or loosens the baked grime, dirt, and road tar from the car surface for easy cleaning. And hence all the soil from your car surface is already lost. You can scrub easily with the car wash mitt. 

Q.3. Can you use any soap in a foam cannon?

No, you cannot use soap in the foam cannon as foam cannon does not create thick suds just with ordinary soaps. Numerous specialized snow foam solutions available on the market are specifically formulated to work well with the foam cannon to create thick clingy foam that offers maximum results. Read More.

Q.4. How Far Can a Snow Foam Cannon spray?

How far a snow foam cannon spray is depended upon the model, quality, and also brand of the foam cannon. But a sound best snow foam lance can spray foam up to 20 feet which is fascinating. But with the adjustable nozzle of the foam cannon, you can adjust the throw and spray pattern of the foam cannon as per your needs or liking.

Q.5. Are foam cannons worth it?

Yes, if you purchase a good quality foam cannon and top-notch pressure washer, both work so well to create thick suds that sticks to the surface. Foam cannon helps make cleaning easier by diluting surface dirt and providing enough lubrication for further scrubbing sessions. So yes, the foam cannons are worth your money. 


The article mentioned the significance of foam cannons and how to wash cars with foam cannons for effective pre-wash. As long as you have the proper tools and comprehend the fundamental procedures, using a foam cannon to wash your automobile is a reasonably straightforward process that anyone can learn.

Start by looking for a sturdy foam cannon and a suitable pressure washer to go with it if you want to use a power foam vehicle wash. To make a foam cannon to wash your car even more accessible, keep the above mentioned handy tips in mind.

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