What Is A Foam Cannon?

In today’s fast-paced world, many prefer washing their vehicles at home instead of taking them to the detailers. Undoubtedly, the thorough car wash on a Sunday morning provides an excellent opportunity to have quality time with your family, especially kids.

So if you want to enjoy those magical moments of white snow foam covering your car and suds dripping from it on your driveway, make sure you get a good-quality foam cannon to do the job perfectly. You might wonder what is a foam cannon.

If you are still unfamiliar with foam cannons, let me introduce you to the most amazing snow-foaming equipment that makes the job of a car detailer easier and more fun. Foam cannon is a vulnerable item for car detailing without causing minor surface scratches or affecting the clear coat of the paint.

The article discusses the significance and working of snow foam cannon and how it can make your car cleaning more manageable and more convenient. 

Foam cannon is known as a wash accessory attachment, and it’s often connected with the pressure washer to create thick clingy suds that lubricate the surface of your car. To allow the car wash mitt to glide over the surface without causing minor scratches or swirl marks. 

It’s an efficient tool to refurbish your standard two-bucket car cleaning method while offering more convenience. A solution bottle, suction tube, and adjustable barrel assembly make up the foam cannon, and the snow foam solution creates thick snow foam that clings to the surface and loses the dirt.

Keeping the surface lubricated while cleaning is vital for efficient and scratch-free cleaning and foam cannon with the car soap provides you with the ideal surface lubrication for cleaning. 

When attached to the pressure washer, foam cannons create thick snow foam suds combining pressurized water, air, and snow foam solution. While the snow foam cannon might not work as efficiently when connected with the garden hose instead of a pressure washer. So if your goal is to get the thick snow foam suds too, make sure to spend a little extra for the pressure washer. 

Most foam cannons come with a 1/4-inch male quick-connect fitting that nicely gets attached to the 1/4-inch female quick-connect fitting of the pressure washer. But some brands might have different-sized connections fitting to fit particular proprietary connections.

What Is A Foam Cannon?

How Does Foam Cannon Work?

The working of snow foam cannons does not involve any rocket science. Just prepare your gear beforehand, such as the pressure washer, best car wash mitt, snow foam, drying towels, and water buckets. 

Start by attaching the brass fitting on the barrel’s underside to the transparent suction tube you will find on the foam cannon bottle. Now fill the foam cannon bottle with water and fill almost 4/5 of the bottle. Then add snow foam solution to the bottle as per the dilution ratio.

Make sure to use good-quality snow foam soap to create thick suds. Give the bottle a little shake to mix the content of the snow foam solution with water. You can also add some car wash soap for better results. Attach the bottle with the barrel of the foam cannon, then simply attach it to the pressure washer, and you are ready to go. 

Some snow foam lance come with dial attachments that let you fine-tune the amount of snow foam, its thickness, and its throw settings. So check different settings to find out which works best for you. 

Now spray your car with thick snow foam suds and let it dwell on the surface for a few moments. You will notice snow foam diluting the dirt and grime off your car’s exterior like magic. Now after letting it sit for a few minutes and before touching the surface with a car wash mitt. Rinse the snow foam with water to remove the lifted dirt and minimize the chances of cleaning-induced scratches. 

If your car surface is waxed, clear coated, or ceramic coated, snow foam might only cling to the surface for a while longer as the surface is well protected from dirt and grime. 

Now refoam the car surface to provide better lubrication for scrubbing with a car wash mitt and for the two-bucket cleaning method. After scrubbing with a car wash mitt, rinse off your car again with running water and dry using a clean, dry towel and let your car shine its brightest. 

We always recommend this combo of snow foam cannon or pressure washers for efficient car cleaning and detailing, as it saves you time and protects your car from any scratches or swirl marks so that your ride always rocks. 

What Type Of Pressure Washer Do I Need? 

So when choosing the pressure washer, you must consider what attachment will fit your foam cannon connector and make a purchase accordingly. Two different pressure washers are available on the market, gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers. 

Gas Pressure Washer: Without any doubt, gas pressure washers do their job efficiently, and they create ideally thick suds of snow foam. But they significantly take more setup time while also requiring high maintenance. So if you are okay with these complications, a gas pressure washer is you.

Electric Pressure Washers: Electric pressure washers are changing the game by being super quick in setup and requiring less or no maintenance. They also offer quiet operations as compared to gas pressure washers. Most electric pressure washers have a GPM rating of between 1.1 and 1.8GPM. However, a gas-pressure washer with a GPM of 2.0 or higher will produce a much thicker foam layer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have more queries regarding what a foam cannon is and how it works or if foam cannons are worth it. We have answered a few more questions regarding the topic to help you effectively understand the purpose of foam cannons. Read further to know more about it:

Q.1. What is the difference between a foam gun and a foam cannon?

Foam cannon is equipment connected with an electric or gas pressure washer to create thick snow foam for a car wash. On the other hand, foam guns are often associated with the garden hose. But the pressure washer with foam cannon produces more robust water streams that create thick clingy foam than foam guns. 

Q.2. What are the benefits of foam cannons?

Foam cannon works with the pressure washer to create foam that clings to your car and aids the cleaning process. The benefits of foam cannon are that it makes cleaning super easier and eliminates any chances of micro scratches or swirls to preserve the shine of your car. 

Q.3. Is a foam cannon worth it?

Foam cannons are definitely worth the money because of the purpose they serve. They help create the thick clingy foam that clings to your car and metals away the grime and dirt and save you from putting a lot of arm grease during the cleaning process. It will save you time by making the cleaning process more manageable. Read More.

Q.4. Can foam cannon be used with a regular hose?

Yes, foam cannons on the market are specifically designed to attach to the garden hose. However, their snow foam might not be as thick or clingy as when connected to the pressure washer. But it will still get the job done efficiently. 

Q.5. Is a pressure washer vital to use a foam cannon?

Yes, foam cannons are designed to attach to the pressure washer as the high water pressure is required to activate the chemical agents of the snow foam and for the foam cannon mesh to agitate the solution to create thick clingy foam that makes car cleaning more fun and more straightforward. 

Q.6. Do I have to scrub after using a foam cannon?

Well, scrubbing is not vital after the foam cannon as the thick snow foam suds and foam cannon generate to cling to the surface and dilute any traces of dirt and grime. To make the cleaning process more manageable. But for enhanced results, you can scrub a little after rinsing off your car wash to ensure that your car shines the brightest. 

Final Words

The article discusses the significance of snow foam cannons, how they work, and whether they are worth it. The article gave you trusted insights into the importance and working of foam cannons. And how you can use the foam cannon to achieve maximum cleaning results while having more fun. 

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